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02/10/2019Spent up!
 Yes, we are currently "spent up", i.e. we have just completed a large batch of donations in our apparently never-ending catching-up with previously received applications, and by so doing have used up our currently available funds. SO, once again regrettably, I must request a moratorium on the submission of applications, hopefully fairly brief until we have more funds available in early 2020.

Thanks for your understanding, and may I point again to the reminders in my last entry in this NEWS section on 5/3/19.

Philip Gardam
Founding Trustee

05/03/2019Update on application situation
 Well, since my last update we have been fairly successful in sifting through the usual mass of applications received in the last 12 months, resulting in many donations made, albeit with many more being sidelined, regrettably, due to both the volume of competition and decreasing funds. And now, as we approach the end of our FY, we must once again ask for restraint in making further applications. So please as always watch out for another NEWS update later in the year when I hope to be able to be more encouraging.

Some reminders: we are authorised only to support projects from UK-registered charities (i.e. not NGO's or private individuals) working in the 3rd World; and please note that Bailey Mews in Cambridge is no longer my postal address, but from 2017 it has been 32 Beacon Rise, Cambridge CB5 8AX; preferably applications by email; and finally, apologies for not always being able to reply to applications due to time constraints!

Thanks as always for your patience.

Philip Gardam
Founding Trustee

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