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03/11/2017Still sifting!
 Yes, I am still going through the large pile of applications received during 2017. What with this situation and a personal move (please see my new address in How to Apply), the loss of a trustee and the appointment of a new one - well, my progress has been slow to say the least.

However, in the coming months I should have no such excuses and intend to catch up by the end of the FY 2017/18. So then I would hope to be in a position by Spring 2018 to encourage new applications, so please "watch this space" - I know you've heard it all before, but as our financial position is now slightly improved I have real hopes of dealing with the current batch of applications in the next few months.

Thanks as always for your patience, and I hope to be more encouraging in my next NEWS message.

Philip Gardam
Nov 2017

19/04/2017Back in action but still catching up!
 Huge apologies to all those charities who have attempted to get in touch with me in recent months. For various reasons I have been out of action in this period, during which the number of applications has built up to a veritable flood! So during the next few months I will get back to sifting through the many worthwhile ones and make corresponding donations as far as our always limited funds allow. So once again, regrettably, I have to request that no more applications are made until this process is complete. Then I will re-assess our position, hopefully Summer 2017, and report back here whether we can once again consider fresh applications.

As I say, apologies for this all-too-constant theme, but this is the reality of demand outstripping supply!

Please NOTE particularly that we are authorised to support projects ONLY from UK-registered charities, i.e. no matter how worthy the work of NGO's and individual volunteers abroad we cannot consider such bodies for support.

Thanks as always for your patience.

Philip Gardam

17/08/2016Funds used up!
 Following my encouragement earlier this year to resume submitting applications, we received an unprecedentedly large number. These include a sufficient number of very worthwhile and appropriate ones, that when collated and converted to donations this will result very soon in our available funds for the rest of the year being exhausted!

So, very regretfully, once again I have to plead for a stop to submission of any more applications until further notice, hopefully early 2017.

No more negative exhortations now, just a sincere thanks to all our donees who provide such encouraging progress reports on the various projects we have supported. Heartwarming indeed to hear that our modest contributions have a positive impact on many worthwhile efforts by small charities to alleviate the huge problems in poverty-stricken areas.

Philip Gardam

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