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Reproduced by permission of Afrikids

We have been operating now since the beginning of 2003 and our donation programme has escalated from 10 grants made in the first financial year to about 30 in the most recent; the average size of our donations similarly has risen from ca. 700 to a current ca. 1000. These trends reflect both our increasing visibility and the escalating costs of making a significant difference to people's lives. We hope to see our current level of donations remaining fairly constant in the foreseeable future if we are to continue to provide help to a reasonable number of hardworking and diverse charitable organisations, although this may not quite be achievable in the next year or two because of the current poor returns on our investments (see NEWS).

Examples of the kind of project that we have supported are:

    - building costs for extension to hostel for street children in Ghana (Afrikids);

    Reproduced by permission of Camfed

    - purchase of infant incubator for hospital in Belarus (Angels International);

    - funding of education for Zambian girls (Camfed);

    - provision of computers for disadvantaged African youths (Computer Aid International);

    - cost of artificial limbs for landmine victims (Cambodia Trust);

    - surgery for facially deformed children in Kenya (Operation Smile UK);

    - disability prevention for Angolan leprosy patients (LEPRA);

    - training of workers with street children in Bolivia (International Service);

    - AIDS care programme in Nepal (International Nepal Fellowship);

    - installation of residents in Iraq refugee camp (Tolerance International);

    - provision of Braillers for visually impaired S African children (Skillshare International).

Stall on World AIDS Day (Reproduced by permission of International Nepal Fellowship)

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