Providing support for aid projects in the 3rd World

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Street children in Bolivia (reproduced by permission of International Service)

Preference will be given to funding specific projects by charities (UK-registered, please, as this simplifies matters legally) working in the field rather than general support for an organisation's work. So applications should concentrate upon an identifiable current need and how the requested sum could meet it, the consequences of not being able to carry out the project, and the expected results of the project and its sustainability in terms of people being trained to help themselves. A budget for the potential project broken down into its main segments is always useful for identifying which parts we can afford to fund. Following a positive evaluation by the Trustees, we will ask for a formal acknowledgement of the agreed donation and in due course for a progress report.

Please note particularly that because of our limited resources (and rapidly increasing number of applications) we simply have to limit ourselves to supporting only those charities involved in the relief of 3rd World poverty if our donation programme is to have a real impact. Charities involved in poverty relief at home, those supporting medical relief and research, or working in UK education, are all very worthy and definitely deserving of support, but regrettably it is not possible for the DORFRED Charitable Trust to allocate funds to such work if we are to achieve our aim of making a real difference in our chosen defined area.

Applications preferably by email, please, to, or by post to The Dorfred Charitable Trust, 32 Beacon Rise, 160 Newmarket Rd., Cambridge CB5 8AX. Initial enquiries to check suitability, or availability of funds, by telephone to 01223-352660.

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